Written By thewakingbear

I wonder if you know me?

My works are plain in sight.

I’m within the meadows whisper

And the roaring rivers’ might.

I blow the wind that breathes you in,

My husband turns the tide.

The thunder be my jealousy,

And lighting be my pride.

I wonder if you know me,

If you feel my steady breath?

By day I sing the song of life,

By night the dirge of death

Can you sense the molten memories

That run within my veins?

Or hear my cries of sorrow,

Beat in rhythm with the rains?

I wonder can you see me,

Though you turn your head in shame?

Can’t you feel my hand upon you,

Both the wild and the tame?


You deny my wonders,

And you influence my pain.

My anger quakes the ground in two,

My wrath; a hurricane.

Can’t you hear my lamentations,

As you bleed me year by year?

I call out for some salvation,

But you’ve lost the ears to hear.

How could you know my wonders?

For you are one as well.

And you and I forever bound,

Like turtle to its’ shell.

Together must we perish,

For we are none but one.

But forever will I cherish,

Our time spent beneath this sun.

I do not rue your ruin,

For I gave birth to birth.

I wonder if you love me?

I am your mother, Earth.

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