I Am More
Written By thewakingbear

I am made more because of pain,

Please bless me with your suffering.

Anoint me with a heavy chain,

And shackle me to solid beam.

I am made greater by the rain,

May thunder crack my life in two.

And split the cortex of my brain,

Your lighting is my healing flu.

I am made more by broken wings,

Please clip them even as they bloom.

My eyes stay trained upon the sky,

As you tuck me in my quiet tomb.

I am made greater by your shame,

May you shun me, curse me, hate, abhor.

I’ll turn my face towards the breeze,

As you lock me out and slam the door.

So take my freedom, cast me down,

Condemn me to the darkest gloom.

I’ll take the earthen grave you dig,

And turn it to a fertile womb.

Set me a adrift in wrathful sea,

Within that meager basket woven.

I am made more by suffering,

For, simply, I have chosen..

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