My Story

My name is Logan Campbell Meeker. I founded The Waking Bear Meditation with the simple intention of helping people; I teach mindfulness meditation because it’s effective.

I was introduced to mindfulness meditation while seeking treatment for PTSD and General Anxiety Disorder. Over four years of personal practice I felt a remarkable shift in my relationship towards mental hardship. The strict contours of my mind- which were once so controlled by the powers of stress, depression and anxiety– began to relax. I began to experience an emotional flexibility in the face of adversity that was previously foreign to me. Soon this newfound mental freedom allowed me to largely overcome PTSD and over 25 years of trauma- something I had considered impossible beforehand.


After experiencing the profound benefits of incorporating mindfulness into my mental toolkit, I resolved to pay forward this wonderful gift. In 2019 I completed a 100 Hour Mindfulness Teacher Certification course at Tibet House US- the cultural center and American seat of H.H. The Dalai Lama.

The benefits of mindfulness meditation are limitless: whether you want to be more productive, increase your confidence or reduce your anxiety, sustained mindfulness practice can be used as a universal aide.

I live in New York City where I was born and raised. I received my BFA in 2012 from Syracuse University. When I’m not meditating or teaching meditation I enjoy writing poetry, playing guitar, working with my hands, and caring for my Chocolate Labrador, “Tugboat.”

100 Hour Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training with David Nichtern